Changing an Existing Gas Load  

Due to limitations, changes in the natural gas load of an existing facility by adding additional equipment, or replacement of existing equipment, may require the meter to be upgraded to accommodate the additional load. Added gas loads are new loads added to an existing structure, gas service, and meter. Please provide ENSTAR’s Marketing department with the following information in writing:

  • Existing connected gas load of the structure
  • New connected gas load of the structure (maximum input rating in BTU, CFH, or MBH for each piece of equipment)
  • Requested delivery pressure of the meter (for delivery pressure changes, please consult with a mechanical contractor to review the compatibility of existing regulators and piping)
  • Operating hours and special equipment conditions (i.e., loads including any “standby” or “backup” equipment should be noted)
  • Contact name and phone number of the plumbing contractor handling the piping and equipment installation
  • If the added gas load is for an addition to the facility, provide a site plan showing any changes in the meter location and any future expansion plans.

Customers are required to complete and sign a new Equipment Load Sheet for each structure whose equipment or natural gas load is changing.